$18.00 per 500gram pack

Local Sea Gar is now available from Unreel Seafood. The fish is a small, fine grained, sweet tasting, white fish that goes well with almost anything but is also great on it’s own. If you love whiting, you’ll love this!

$18.00 per 250 gram pack

Large Green Morton Bay Bug Tails are selling fast! They take all of the time and mess out of having to de shell a whole bug yourself and are great value for money as you’re not paying for any shell. They are peeled, cleaned and cryvoc packed, ready to cook!

Apx $6.75 per 250gr steak

Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are a simple yet superb, local fish. Grill them on the BBQ, fry them in a pan, bake them in the oven, steam or leave them raw.

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